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Vintage Tijuana Bibles for Sale! ... page2

I've been collecting Tijuana Bibles or "eight pagers" for 40 years, and continually accumulate doubles to my collection from having to buy groups of books to obtain the one or two I need.
I've done my best to accurately grade these comics as well as estimate the period when that particular copy was produced, not originally drawn. I'm happy to answer any questions about them.
Prices include USA Shipping. All overseas orders are by International Priority Mail, please inquire for pricing.

Click on each Tijuana Bible Comic title for a bigger pic and complete description

Moon Mullins #5311 .. $45.

Moon celebrates an eight pager that doesn't leave him behind the eight ball!

Powerful Katrinka & Toonerville Tess #73112 ...$40.

It takes a horse to satisfy Katrinka.

Pretty Boy Floyd #11205 .. $35.

Pretty Boy hides out in an all girls school.

The Real Silk Hosiery Salesman #1105 .. $45.

The hosiery salesman gets taken by a pair of sexy sisters .

Strange As it Seems #31513 .. $70.

Oddball sexual pairings and such, ends with Garbo gag

Tillie and Mac #830 .. $35.

When Mr.Simpkins catches Tillie and Mac in the act it turns into an office sexfest.

Wimpy First Love #82013... $60.00

Wimpy prefers an old lady making hamburgers over a hot young babe.

Wimpy in "You Bring the Ducks" #830 ... $35.

Wimpy witholds sex until he gets a hamburger.

Winnie Winkle #115 ... $35.

Winnie is date raped & little brother gets an eyefull

Wm P Mullins #115 .. $40.

Mamie catches Willie eating the fortune teller's pussy !

Yes, We Have No Bananas #1028 ... $40.

Another story of sexual discovery with 2 gag pages