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Vintage Tijuana Bibles for Sale!

I've been collecting Tijuana Bibles or "eight pagers" for 40 years, and continually accumulate doubles to my collection from having to buy groups of books to obtain the one or two I need.
I've done my best to accurately grade these comics as well as estimate the period when that particular copy was produced, not originally drawn. I'm happy to answer any questions about them.
Prices include USA Shipping. All overseas orders are by International Priority Mail, please inquire for pricing.

Click on each Tijuana Bible Comic title for a bigger pic and complete description

Alley Oop #73112 ..$50.00

Alley Oop finds his girl getting banged by a monkey

The Auto Salesman #1026 .. $60.00

This test drive goes all the way!

Barney Google #81512 ... $45.00

When he looses a sex bet to a cheater, Barney gets revenge!

Boots #1515 .. $25.00

Dagwood gets taken down in vaudeville gag style. This is a pretty hard to find Dagwood.

Clara Bow with Schnozzle #1030 .. $75.00

When Rex can't give Clara a baby, Jimmy Durante has to step in, funny ending!

Dagwood in His One Mistake #1716 .. $50.00

Dagwood gets thrown in court after being assaulted by an angry Father.

Dumb Dora #71512 .. $30.00

Dora learns how to use her Ring Dang Doo.

Gene Tooney #115 .. $50.00

Gene retires from fighting to study shakespear

The Insurance Salesman #1018 .. $45.00

A salesman comes through a couples window while they are screwing and tries to sell sex insurance.

Jean Harlo in "The Red Head" #1716 .. $70.00

Harlo seduces a young reporter !

Joe Jinks #3211 ... $40.00

Pete wins the championship with a ko and celebrates with a date.

Kansas City Kitty #1026 .. $45.00

A story about a young woman's sexual encounter

Kate Smitz #73112 .. $40.

When a burgler overhears Kate complaining that no one loves a fat woman, he decides to prove her wrong by raping her

Kiss Me Again #1026 .. $60.00

Mae West arrives in the big city and learns the ropes.
major hoople

Major Hoople in "The Judge" #7511 .. $30.

Judge Hoople hears Etta's testimony in the privacy of his chambers.

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