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We're collectors of original 8 pagers and always interested in buying comics to add to our collection.

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Gay Sex in the Tijuana Bibles

Jimmy Cagney in Boys will be girls!

A number of our readers are interested Gay erotica and have requested I look for vintage 8 pagers for their collections. Since no one has every assembled a list of these comics, we thought it was a good time to start working on one.

read more about Gay Jimmy Cagney here!

Peter & Mable Home Made Vintage Tijuana Bible

Talk about fucked up!

Recently several "home made" Tijuana Bibles from the 1930's turned up. Signed I.M.Allcock, these crude, colored, affairs vary in size and length.

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EXPOSED - Movie Stars Victims of Dirty Book Racket


When it comes to hyped up bullshit, the National Police Gazette is the old standard.

Did you know your kids secretly go to the corner candy store, looking for dirty cartoons of celebrities! This is undoubtedly the most absurd article on Tijuana Bibles you will ever read!

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Superman with Lois ... a Real Find!

Superman comes through, and Lois puts out, in this very hard to find eight pager.

read more Superman here!

Mr. Skin

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